The Old Gaolhouse, Winchester

The Old Gaolhouse, Winchester

The Project

Volsen Ltd were appointed Principle Contractors for the refurbishment project of The Old Gaolhouse in Winchester. A historic site believed to be used as a prison from 1228, developed over the years to incorporate the Governor’s House – now the pub.

The existing felt roof had failed and was no longer an effective waterproofing system. Accompanied by poor detailing and interstitial condensation, numerous patch repairs had been carried out suggesting long term water ingress and problems for the occupant.

Acting as the Principal Contractor, organising and ensuring legal conformity for all Health and Safety, welfare facilities and sub-contractors to effectively carry out our working program to a time frame that suited the Client and didn’t affect any of their commercial output. The key was

positive communication with the Client and careful configuration, collectively with our Sika Liquid Plastics Technical Manager.

The benefit of using Sika Liquid Plastics as a Manufacturer is the comprehensive specifications that they produce and the technical support they provide. All projects receive a site survey, intermediate visits and a final inspection to ensure the highest quality of workmanship.

Project Details

  • Name : The Old Gaolhouse
  • Location : Winchester
  • :